Initial situation and challenges

The safe organization of large events as a scientific research focus and also as a part of professionalized security planning has evolved over the past few years.

A number of research projects such as the BMBF-funded project “Safety and Security Modules for Large Public Events” (BaSiGo) have already acquired important knowledge in furtherance of event safety and security .

The main focus of stewards as a key player in planning of safe events couldn’t be set by previous projects yet. Stewards as “end users” couldn’t benefit from the transfer of knowledge from the research field. Standardized, scientifically sound regulations for the training and further education of security personnel aren’t introduced yet.

Legal bases for security and safety of large events, especially those which regulate the qualifications and the number of stewards, do not exist on a federal-/state level. In some places local solutions have been established. In respect of terminology and strategy they are not consistent.

Within the framework of the project ProVOD: “Professionalization Of Stewards As An Autonomous Part Of The Private Security Industry” - some new basic approaches and also recommendations for action and strategies should be evolved. Research on high-reliability organizations (HRO) is supposed to deliver impulses for this.

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