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Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing Frank Fiedrich

University of Wuppertal

School of Mechanical and Safety Engineering

Chair of Public Safety and Emergency Management

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Professionalization Of Stewards As An Autonomous Part Of The Private Security Industry

In addition to “classical” safety related actors (fire brigade, paremedics and the police) stewards are most frequently presented on large events (e.g. festivals, sporting events, concerts).

In the past,  stewards mostly have been recruited from the field of other security services. Due to the increase of  large events and the growing potential for conflicts or threats,  the requirement profile of the steward’s actors is changing.

In the context of a modern security understanding stewards  undertakes classical guarding and service tasks but also tasks such as being able to management and control large groups of people. Doing the so-called crowd management as well as supporting the work of emergency and police organizations these tasks involve a high responsibility for people. During major events people put their safe and secure visiting of the event in charge of stewards. This task does not fit into a sector which is currently characterized by low wage structures, a lack of context-related qualifications, and a bad reputation.

This change is also caused by changes in the threat  situation and leads to new challenges in the work of stewards. Safety and security as ever-increasing basics need of society must be ensured on large events. Large  events carry a higher risk because of its basic structure (e.g. high number of people).

The  research program “Research for Civil Security” by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)  has created the basis for an interdisciplinary team of practitioners,  actors in the field of security and stewards, scientists and industry providers that deals with questions concerning the professionalization of stewards as an autonomous part of the private security industry.